Flow of Life

sumi ink & acrylic

… creative inspiration swirls through the artist,
from the artist unfurls through the painting,
from the painting ripples to the art lover.
The art lover distils the painting’s nectar,
the painting’s nectar shines upon imagination.
Imagination …

… swirling energy in transformation,
Flow of Life


sumi ink

Kakizome New Year’s first writing calls for auspicious wishes.
Fresh bunches of weeds as paintbrushes
invite the overflowing source of free energy into my life.


sumi ink

flow of energy,
spirit of Japanese calligraphy.

I listen to the life force of the mountain torrent.
Only when I feel I am Water
I dip the brush in the sumi.

For a few seconds, a few minutes
the torrent flows through brush-hand-arm
my entire body

I am Nagare

de calligraphie

sumi ink

A calligraphy lesson in wild nature,
allows a different sense of openness

Flow of Life

Corps à Corps


Corps à Corps intimate dance with self.
Performer, observer, perceiver, I paint.
And I step into the painting,
weaving outer rhythms and inner pulses.

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