artist’s books and sketches

Why travel?
to explore life unabashedly, passionately
to enrich my heart with a myriad unexpected experiences and unknown sensations
to communicate and share with surprising and unusal characters
to breathe freshness and release old habits
to live life fully!

Livres d’artiste

accordion books and others

Artist books, carnets de voyage are books in freedom, in exploration and creativity.
They liberate themselves from the traditional book concept, yet the book format offers a sense of continuity, a time-frame.

Carnet Marin

Goshuinsho Air Flight 19-90

Goshuisho KA & MI


Goshuinsho Tofuku Temple

Goshuinsho Nihon Nucleus


Café Benching


Café Benching is observing and feeling into people and atmospheres. Airports, trains, tubes, streets, wherever I happen to be. Fast sketching, minimal strokes. Although I am usually un-noticed, a subtle communication is established, in which I embrace the essence.

From Ether To Matter

Stone & Digital Alchemy

Infinite Mystery

Clay & Paper Art

Flow of Life

Sumi ink & Acrylic


Artist’s Books & Sketches

Energy In Design

Watercolour & Sumi ink


Digital Experiences