The Artist

Chloé d’Aujac

Brushing past death on a slippery mountain road in Turkey designs at age twenty a sharp angle in my life. I abruptly switch from medical studies to fine arts, from left-brain to right-brain realms.

From that point onwards, my life is a non-conformist adventure through which I explore, express and expand endlessly.

B.A. in Fine Arts in London, UK where I was almost evicted out of school, for not fitting into the establishment!

Yet, it is only when travelling through the Cyclades, Greece that the urging desire for communication with the locals allows my sketching talent to burst out freely. There, the real school, in life, in real life!
See Dialogues

South of Italy, in Puglia, it is with stone that I communicate intimately and silently – almost the rediscovery of something that is already in me.
See Whisper

Every journey and culture enriches the fabric of who I am. New experiences contribute to the patient embroidery of my life tapestry with exotic threads of all textures.
Sketching is a way of sensing and feeling into people.
See Café Benching

Sense of beauty, free flow of energy, sensuality of refined perceptions are among the precious pearls I receive from Japan.
See Goshuisho, Kakizome & Nagare

In between my lenghty wanderings, I spent a few years in the mountains of Cevennes and some in Paris.
See Corps à Corps, Energy in Design

The aliveness of the original Greek sketches of Dialogues grants me a one-year post-graduate study in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico from the Rotary International Foundation.
An innate sense of freedom and creativity, bubbling with joy and colour captivate my heart! The one initial year overruns so that I settle and live twenty-five years in Mexico with my daughter.
See Infinite Mystery, Choreography for Shadow and Stone

Presently living with my companion in Lisbon, Portugal – where I mostly have been involved with architecture and interior design projects – and Haute-Savoie, France where I immerse with Nature.
See I-Mago

What comes next you may ask…

Stepping stones

  • Born in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, Central School of Art and Design, personal tutor Cecil Collins, London England
  • Invitation to Fano Foundation Summer School by Slobodan Dan Paich, Puglia, Italy
  • Invitation to work 6 months with Norman Mommens, Puglia, Italy
  • Water and Mirrors Games, article in Photocinema, Photography Magazine, Paris
  • Dialogues, artist-book published at Editions du Tricorne, Genève
  • Dialogues, article in Ecriture, literature magazine, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Painting primed in Dammaries-les-Lys, France
  • Rotary International Foundation post-graduate Grant, Mexico
  • Group and solo exhibitions in England, Italy, Switzerland, France, USA, Mexico
  • Private Collections around the world

Dance of the Soul

I look around,
I am the centre of a huge sphere,
empty, silent, virgin.
I am in my creative space, my inner studio,
always within, wherever I go.
Simply in the present moment,
in the dance of my soul.

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