Dance of the Soul

Chloé d’Aujac

2020, time for a pause.
Time to look back,
time to gather the flowers of life,
time to harvest.

I forget all I know, have believed and have written previously about me and my work.
I start afresh; blank, with new eyes and a new pen.

Dance of

Dismissing irrelevant details such as dates and facts, I revisit almost five decades of artistic life.

Deepening a new intimacy with my own work allows unveiling yet unperceived layers, un-sensed meaning, un-seen potentials.

Choreography for Lava and Shadow


Timeless Scroll Seventeen


Timeless Scroll Eleven



Timeless Scroll Five

Layers of Self



Timeless Scroll Thirteen

Fleur d’Encre Six

But first,

why art,
why be an artist?

Since a young age, I felt there must be more to life.
Life could not be that narrow, that repetitive, that grey. No!

Creativity is the pathway I chose
to step out of limitation,
explore beyond what I was told,
discover myself and by myself,
push boundaries further.

as the dance
of my soul

From Ether To Matter

Stone & Digital Alchemy

Infinite Mystery

Clay & Paper Art

Flow of Life

Sumi ink & Acrylic


Artist’s Books & Sketches

Energy In Design

Watercolour & Sumi ink


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