Dance of the Soul

Chloé d’Aujac

2020, time for a pause.
Time to look back,
time to gather the flowers of life,
time to harvest.

I forget all I know, have believed and have written previously about me and my work.
I start afresh; blank, with new eyes and a new pen.

Dance of

Dismissing irrelevant details such as dates and facts, I revisit almost five decades of artistic life.

Deepening a new intimacy with my own work allows unveiling yet unperceived layers, un-sensed meaning, un-seen potentials.

Fleur d’Encre Quatre


Fleur d’Encre Six

Timeless Scroll Nine

Timeless Scroll Eighteen

Corps à Corps Cinq

Energy Networks

Layers of Self

I Exist

But first,

why art,
why be an artist?

Since a young age, I felt there must be more to life.
Life could not be that narrow, that repetitive, that grey. No!

Creativity is the pathway I chose
to step out of limitation,
explore beyond what I was told,
discover myself and by myself,
push boundaries further.

as the dance
of my soul

From Ether To Matter

Stone & Digital Alchemy

Infinite Mystery

Clay & Paper Art

Flow of Life

Sumi ink & Acrylic


Artist’s Books & Sketches

Energy In Design

Watercolour & Sumi ink


Digital Experiences